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Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
  • Coulometric Karl Fischer TitrationCoulometric Karl Fischer Titration
  • Coulometric Karl Fischer TitrationCoulometric Karl Fischer Titration
  • Coulometric Karl Fischer TitrationCoulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration is a classical titration method in chemical analysis. It uses coulometric titration or volumetric titration to determine trace water in samples. It was invented by German chemist Karl Fisher in 1935. Today, the titration is done with Karl Fischer automatic titrator. Weshine® The developed Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration (KF titrator) introduces the reliable performance, simple operation and space saving design of the compact KF coulometer. The accurate result is 1 ppm to 5% water. Each user can have up to 4 shortcuts + 5 analysis methods. With the Weshine® Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration, the operator can conduct moisture measurement by pressing the button! Contact us for more details on winding resistance testing of Weshine Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration.

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Product Description

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration


Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration, also known as KF titrator, is used to determine the amount of water in the sample. Since the presence of water affects many characteristics of products, including reactivity, stability and quality, KF titration is very important in many industries and is used in many industries. The food, petroleum, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries use Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration to maintain product quality. There are two kinds of Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration methods: volumetric method, which uses the amount of reagent to determine the amount of water; The coulometric method of electrolytic reaction uses electricity to tell us the amount of water in the sample. The volumetric method is suitable for the measurement of water from 1 to 100 mg, while the coulometric method is suitable for very small amounts of water from 10 micrograms to 10 mg. When selecting a suitable Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration, several factors should be considered, including the size of the sample required, whether volumetric titration or coulometric titration is required, the time required for titration, the degree of automation in the process, and the amount of labor required.


Weshine® Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration Parameter (Specification)



Product Name

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Test Range

1 μg ~ 200 mg



Electrolytic Current

0~400 mA automatic control

Titration method

Coulometric titration(Coulomb analysis)


10 µg~1000 µg ±3 µg

More than 1 mg but not greater than 0.3%


GB/T11133,ASTM D1744,DIN 51777




380 x 310 x 180 mm

Model Number



One Click User Interface

With the intuitive One Click touchscreen interface, customize home screens to run your workflows quickly and easily with a single tap on the screen.


Karl Fischer Titration

Excellence line titrators fully support both volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrations to accurately measure water in liquid or solid samples from 0.001% to 100%.


Plug & Play Accessories

Sensors and burettes are automatically recognized when connected. Avoid errors by eliminating extra data entry steps and reduce instrument setup time.





Weshine has 8 years experience specifically for deal with complete range of Electrical Equipment. At present, Weshine has invented various Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration as shown as form:


ORDERING INFORMATION FOR Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Cat. No.

Test Current

Test Range





0 to 400

3 μg to 100 mg

±3 μg≤1 mg,

<3%>1 mg

320 x 235 x 150



0 to 400

1 μg to 200 mg

380 x 310 x 180


Based on Supply Chain issues: Please contact your preferred Authorized Weshine Distributor for current pricing and lead times.


Quality Certificates


We always believe that all the success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we provide. Karl Fischer Instrument meet the highest quality requirements specified in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 guidelines and our strict quality control system.




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