Oil Tan Delta Tester
  • Oil Tan Delta TesterOil Tan Delta Tester
  • Oil Tan Delta TesterOil Tan Delta Tester

Oil Tan Delta Tester

According to GBT standards and international IEC standards, our company, Weshine®, fully utilizes the advantages of design technology and produces transformer oil tan delta tester, which adopts thermal induction technology, which can achieve rapid heating. The whole process of automatic testing, the dielectric loss and capacitance test results are highly accurate and stable. 0-2000V adjustable, suitable for different voltage levels. It is widely used in dielectric loss measurement of transformer oil, capacitor oil and cable oil.

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Product Description

Weshine® Oil tan delta tester is an insulation tester, in which the heating part adopts the current high-frequency induction heating method. The heating method has the advantages of non-contact between the oil cup and the heating body, uniform heating, fast speed, and convenient control. The AC test power supply adopts the AC-DC-AC conversion method, which effectively avoids the error of the voltage and frequency fluctuations on the dielectric loss test. The LCD display interface is adopted, and all operations are displayed in English. The instrument is equipped with a panel printer, and the data will not be lost after the power is turned off. The instrument adopts the automatic storage function, which automatically selects the measurement range, with high precision, simple operation and convenient use. Therefore, oil tan delta tester is a very important detection tool for power supply bureaus, power plants and other departments.


Oil Tan Delta Tester Features for Transformer Oil


Intermediate frequency induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. This heating method has the advantages of non-contact between the oil cup and the heating body, uniform heating, fast speed, and convenient control, so that the temperature is strictly controlled within the preset temperature error range.    

The internal standard capacitor is SF6 gas-filled three-point-pole capacitor. The dielectric loss and capacitance of the capacitor are not affected by ambient temperature, humidity, etc., so that the accuracy of the instrument can be used for a long time.    

(3) Perfect protection function. If there is over-voltage, over-current, or high voltage short circuit, the instrument itself can quickly cut off the high voltage and issue a warning prompt. When the temperature sensor fails or is not connected, a warning prompt is issued.   

(4) The test parameter setting is easy to operate. The temperature setting range is 40~120℃, the AC voltage setting range is 200~2200V, and the DC voltage setting range is 0~500V.    

(5) The large-screen TFT pure color LCD touch screen is used to automatically test, and automatically store and print the test results.


Weshine® Oil Tan Delta Tester Parameter




Product Name


Range of DC Voltage

0 ~ 500 V

Range of AC Voltage

200 ~ 2200 V


Measures the Tan Delta, Resistivity and Relative Permittivity of insulating liquids

Test Range

Test Range of Tan Delta: 0.00001 ~ 100

Test Range of Volume Resistivity: 2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm

Test Range of Relative Permittivity: 1.000 ~ 30.000

Typical Application

Fully automated standard and user defined tests - Supports all international standards


IEC 60247:2004; IEC 61620:1998...

ASTM D924  D1169





Model Number


Product Quality Certificates


As we all know, quality is the first factor of concern, all of our company's transaction customers recognize the product quality certificate we provide. The oil tan delta  tester value in transformer oil meets the high quality requirements specified in ISO9001,ISO14000:14001 guidelines and national quality control systems.




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