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Micro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography
  • Micro Gas ChromatographyMicro Gas Chromatography

Micro Gas Chromatography

Weshine® is New Brand and Fast rising in the Electric Area.Relying on High-Quality product and Efficient after-sales service to win the trust of the customers.Weshine is your trusted manufacturer and supplier in China.Our Micro Gas Chromatography can help you to do the gas analysis works very well,especially the after-sales service is Excellent.Looking forward to have a good and long partnership with you.

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Product Description

Weshine® Micro Gas Chromatography


Product Introduction:


Weshine® VS-9808 Micro Gas Chromatography specializes in the analysis of gases in transformer insulating oil. The Micro Gas Chromatography can analyze 7/9/11 kinds of gas components in the insulating oil through two or three chromatographic columns.If there are many oil samples needed to be tested, then the Headspace Autosampler can help to extract the gases from the oil for the Micro Gas Chromatography . 27/72 Samples can be shocked and heated,and then transmit the gases automatically by the Autosampler. It can help the Micro Gas Chromatography a lot,and save labor cost and time cost.The software of the Micro Gas Chromatography is easy to operate,we can provide online video guidance and remote assistance.Please enjoy our 7days*24hours after-sales service.


Product Parameter:


Operating display

192*64 periodic lattice liquid crystal

Temperature control area

6 ways


5℃~ 400℃


Rate 0.1 ~ 39℃/min

External events

4 ways



Communication interface

Ethernet: IEEE802.3



Product Feature:


Micro Gas Chromatography mainly analysis the gases components from the transformer insulating oil.Micro Gas Chromatography works with the Air Generator,Hydrogen Generator, and Oscillator.

The Oscillator shocks and heats up the oil sample to get the gas from the oil. And then inject the gas sample into the Micro Gas Chromatography. Before that,we should use the Air Generator and Hydrogen Generator to fire the FID1 and FID2.The Micro Gas Chromatography will analysis the gas sample automatically, and you will see the gases components waves on the software on PC.The test report can be printed by the printer from the Micro Gas Chromatography.


Product details:


For Headspace Sampler:




The Autosampler can extracts the gases from the insulating oils, and transmit the gases by carrier gas to the Micro Gas Chromatography Columns.It has the function of the heating and shocking,instead of the manual oscillator.


Details of the Vials


Number of vials


Vial Material

Neutral Glass

Vial volume


Vial Septum

PTFE coated with butene rubber

PTFE coated with silicone rubber

Vial Aluminum Cap




For Oscillator:



The Oscillator heats and shocks the transformer oil to extract the gases from the transformer insulating oils automatically. The temperature and times can be set. Put the 40ml oils into the 100ml-injector, and then put 8 injectors at max into the oscillator to start the extraction works.



For Hydrogen Generator:

This Hydrogen Generator make the hydrogen for the Micro Gas Chromatography, the hydrogen can help to fire the FID1 and FID2.

For the Air Generator:


The Air Generator provides the air for the Micro Gas Chromatography to help the Hydrogen firing.





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Technology Center, No. 3088, Lekai North Street

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