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AC Hipot Tester
  • AC Hipot TesterAC Hipot Tester
  • AC Hipot TesterAC Hipot Tester
  • AC Hipot TesterAC Hipot Tester
  • AC Hipot TesterAC Hipot Tester

AC Hipot Tester

Weshine® invented the AC Hipot Tester for Dielectric Withstand Test are suitable for 50 / 60 Hz AC testing of low capacity test objects. Optionally, these units can also be upgraded to function as DC test sets by mounting the rectifier attachment on top of the transformer. Weshine® AC Hipot Tester for Dielectric Withstand Test with high quality and accuracy, Invented and produced according to national standards, complete electric testing solution available. Contact us for more details of AC Hipot Tester for Dielectric Withstand Test from Weshine®!

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Product Description

AC Hipot Tester for Dielectric Withstand Test

Product Introduction:

Weshine® AC Hipot Tester for Dielectric Withstand Test, the two pieces design allows the operator to use the unit at a safe distance. The control unit is used to operate the high voltage transformer. The unit consists of a variac, current/ voltage display instruments, a timer for the test duration and a safety circuit. The low voltage winding can be continuously excited from zero to the maximum value so that a certain output is available for a pre-determined period. The operating duration depends on the application, ranging from a few minutes to continuous operation.

The input voltage of AC Hipot Tester for Dielectric Withstand Test series is 200V or 400V, which is connected to the matching control box (table), and the input voltage is adjusted to the primary winding (low voltage) of the test transformer through the auto voltage regulator. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the secondary winding (high voltage) press Its ratio to the number of turns of the primary winding can obtain the same multiple of the output high voltage, which can be continuously adjusted from zero volts to the highest rated value. In the DC withstand voltage and leakage current test, as long as the high-voltage silicon stack is screwed on the high-voltage output end, the DC high voltage can be obtained, and its amplitude is 1.4 times the power frequency high voltage value.


Output voltage waveform:

sine wave

Output waveform distortion rate:


Load loss:


Induction withstand voltage level:


The short-circuit impedance of a single test transformer is:


4.5%~12% (±10%)

The voltage adjustable accuracy is ±1%.

Voltage instability is less than 1%.

Overvoltage protection function.

Surface temperature rise:


At rated capacity, allowable continuous operation time:

0.5 hours (customized for long time)

Output voltage waveform:


Below 10 kVA, every 2 hours, allow continuous operation for 0.5 hours

Above 15 kVA, every 4 hours, allow continuous operation for 0.5 hours

At half rated voltage and half rated current, continuous operation is allowed for 4 hours

Quality Certificates

We always believe that all the success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we provide.AC Hipot Test Kitfor Dielectric Withstand Test meet the highest quality requirements specified in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 guidelines and our strict quality control system.


For further information on Weshine®'s Service Solutions, contact our 24/7 online sales representative to get quotes from Weshine®.

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