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Insulating oil in electrical power apparatus serves two primary roles, as an insulator and a coolant. As an insulating liquid, oil’s most important property is a high dielectric strength and as a cooling liquid, a low viscosity is paramount. The principal nemeses of insulating oil are oxidation, contamination (particularly moisture, which tends to lower the dielectric properties of insulating oil), and excessive temperature. These enemies are managed through design, regimented installation processes and prudent operation of the oil-filled power apparatus. At all stages of a power asset’s life, testing must be conducted to evaluate the condition of the insulating oil. In fact, for some assets, it can be argued that the oil is tested more frequently than any other component.
Weshine® invent the VS-9501 series is a fully automatic transformer oil BDV test kit designed with advanced technologies to measure the electrical breakdown strength of insulating oil, witch has a quick sensing ability to measure accurate breakdown voltage. The series is compliant with national & international standards for test sequences and also has user friendly customized test sequences. The series comes with a large color touch screen display for easy operations. It is provided with internal memory to store up to 100 tests & an inbuilt thermal printer for on-site report printing. As for safety, our transformer oil testing machine series has an open ground detection feature to avoid damage. The molded oil test vessel is suitable to test minerals, ester & synthetic oils and comes with an adjustable electrode gap setting to conduct tests as per standards.
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